College of Business Administration



The first years of existence of the College of Commerce began with the sole course – Junior Medical Secretarial – with Mr. Jose Ma. Jaena as head of the Medical Secretarial Department from school years 1974-1985. After ten years of seemingly arduous task of maintaining the department, the School of Administration felt the need to affiliate it with the Liberal Arts Department. Since then, the Medical Secretarial Department lost its status as an independent department, with Mrs. Felicidad Jesena as dean during the school year 1985-1986.

School years 1986-1989 saw the advent of Mr. Alfonso Palisada as dean of the Liberal Arts Department. In 1989, Nelly O. Gustilo acted as dean of the Department. In 1990 Ms. Renee Bella Padilla was appointed Dean and functioned as such until she retired in 2000.
One man recognized the potential and pursued a dream to officially open a College of Commerce at Iloilo Doctors’ College. Dr. Rolando Padilla’s dream was to prepare the Filipino youth for business education in a school that was principally offering medical and health-related courses.

An earnest application with the Commission on Higher Education to offer the BS in Commerce course was made and later granted. School year 1996-1997 saw the birth of the College of Commerce as a distinct and integral academic department of Iloilo Doctors’ College, with Mrs. Merceditas G. Gil as its first Dean.

In the same school year, the Department received its permanent Permit recognizing the offering of the four-year courses namely BS in Commerce major in Management and BS in Commerce major in Banking and Finance. The department was likewise tasked to continue the programs of Medical Secretarial and Computer Secretarial.

Realizing that the entire Filipino youth-regardless of their social and economic status – should be ready for the forthcoming wave of technological advancement, Dr. Rolando Padilla through Dr. Gregorio Tirador, VP for Student and Alumni Affairs and Dr. Roberto Lozada, IDC Sports Coordinator, extended IDC’S Educational services to qualified varsity players with a scholarship.

Recognizing the importance of expertise, the College of Commerce has been and continues to be discriminate in its choice of Faculty to handle the subjects in the programs in all areas of the academic discipline.
Complementing the performance of Curricular and Academic Program is the department’s effort towards service excellence and widened opportunity under the stewardship of Ms. Leda G. Taleon, Student Affairs Coordinator and her corps of advisers. Attending to the intricacies of documentation are the College Secretary Mrs. Evalyn B. Malunes and the College Clerk, Ms. Meda Hortillas.

The hard work and perseverance was began by Ms. Regina Planto, who is remembered well even after her demise. Ms. Mary Joan N. Delgado is also remembered with fondess for the share of work she has extended to the department as College Clerk.

Teamwork behooves the Department to willingly integrate views, to move forward and to build a beautiful consensus.

Twelve years after its birth, the College of Commerce continues to meet the educational requirements of the Commission on Higher Education. The department continues to develop new approaches and unique ways of delivering education attuned to global standards.

In the department, teachers delivered lessons learned via the Webcast over the Internet combined with the traditional face to face learning, case study method and research. These became part of the student’s virtual classroom allowing a free exchange of ideas and experiences without them leaving the physical environment. The intention is to enhance the understanding of theory and help create an academic environment for learning and the fruitful exchange of ideas. The mere prospect of students and practitioners arriving at an ethical conclusion is enough reward for a day’s lesson.

Dr. Alejandro A. Rivera, Jr., Serving as President, is a staunch partner of the Chairman in introducing department and institutional innovations and developments. On its part, the College of Commerce continues to focus on what ‘works’ not just on what is ‘new’ in order to excel even in turbulent time. Also, to focus all energies on what performs well not just in quantity but more importantly in quality, and get its people focused on moving forward, building a positive momentum, setting expectations and helping maintain confidence in Iloilo Doctors’ College.

Program Objectives

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Human Resource Development Management and Financial Management

1. To produce business persons and managers of industries and firms grounded with knowledge on business and financial management and banking operations, equipped with skills, attitudes and values directed by a high degree of professionalism;

2. To facilitate the development of abilities and capabilities of students relevant to the needs of the times specifically in the fields of Human Resource Development Management and Financial Management.
3. To equip students with skills and talents for Service to God, country and fellowmen.

Two-Year Junior (Medical) Secretarial Course

1. To develop professionally trained Medical Secretaries who are competent and committed to meet the challenges of contemporary times.
2. To provide students with quality technical and practical office and computer training steep in attitudes and values necessary for the development of proper work ethics.

Course Offered:
4 year – Bachelor of Science in Business Administration