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IL – PSAM Introduced at the Main Library

On April 26, 2016, the IDC Library – Periodicals Section Attendance Monitoring Log-in System or what is simply named IL-PSAM, was introduced to the academe.

The said library innovation, however technical it is called, is just an online form which automatically generates statistical reports and updates the same right after every submission of each filled-up form. This simple yet practical application was conceived by yours truly days after I (and Arlene D. Natividad, our Technical Section Head) had attended the seminar-workshop entitled “Application of Information Technologies in Academic and School Libraries” which was organized by Philippine Librarians Association, Inc. Western Visayas Region Librarians Council together with West Visayas State University Library and was held on March 5, 2016 at West Visayas State University. The said event was indeed very enlightening since we, as participants, were introduced by Danilo M. Baylen, Ed.D., MLIS who is a Full Professor of Instructional Technology and School Library Media at the University of West Georgia, USA on various information technologies and/or Web 3.0 resources that can be utilized in our own respective academic or school library settings so as to have “Library 3.0” services or modernized form of library services that reflects a transition within the library world in the way that services are delivered to users wherein the focus is on user-centered change and participation in the creation of content and community. Unfortunately, no related resource was introduced or discussed which can help out on the collection of library users’ information and afterwards, the interpretation of such so as to come up with reliable and presentable statistical reports in a short time without the need of doing grueling, manual counting of hand-written information on log books or record books such as what is our current practice which is very tedious and old-fashioned to both the library staff and library users alike. So, what lead me then to the discovery of this  advanced way of library registration? I recalled a few days after the seminar-workshop the presentation made by Dr. Baylen regarding Weebly and Google Forms and how to utilized the same on conducting surveys among library clients. Since the concept of logging-in in a library and/or library section is just like answering surveys wherein participants just answer items or questions, I thought that such web resources can be used as log-in systems as well and… I was correct. I have used Google Forms over the rest because of its user-friendliness.

Services such as this one, are being conceived and provided by the library so that the IDC academic community, especially the students who comprises the largest part, would have a different library experience that would encourage them to regularly make use of the library and its diverse resources.

Nestor D. Mores, Jr., RL, Periodicals Librarian