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Mission, Vision & Goals



ILOILO DOCTORS’ COLLEGE is a tertiary educational institution. It is committed to provide the balanced development of individuals through a responsive and integrated formation of professionals who are equipped with the proper knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values pertinent to the exercise of their respective professions.


In light of this Vision, IDC aims:
1. to provide quality education by adhering to the highest standards in all aspects of its educational endeavor – the physical, intellectual, spiritual, and moral;
2. to promote community experience of students permeated with a high degree of tolerance, patience, compassion, and love for service;
3. to contribute to the attainment of national development goals of economic development and social progress;
4. to undertake social, technical, and scientific research; and,
5. to ensure the growth and sustainability of the institution.


In the pursuit of our Vision and Mission, Iloilo Doctors’ College (IDC) endeavors to:

1. offer programs that meet local, regional, national and global
manpower demands.

2. develop a globally competitive professional who has attained the competencies in his/her chosen field of specialization and can apply knowledge by appraisal, determination of relevant factors, selection of alternate solutions, implementation of planned action, evaluation, research and revision of current systems.

3. achieve the basic General Education training and background to help the professional acquire the essential foundation of his/her development as a mature, well-rounded citizen.

4. cultivate in the students the ability to think critically with a Christian Philosophy and moral training to guide them in making and evaluating decisions and actions.

5. imbibe among God-fearing and Christian students love of God and human values, social and civic consciousness, moral & social responsibility and a strong desire to participate in various outreach projects & services.

6. promote among its studentry, administrators, faculty & employees a deep appreciation of the Filipino cultural patrimony and heritage with focus on the integrity of creation and a concern for its enrichment and sustainable development.