College of Dentistry



The Iloilo Doctors’ College is an institution offering allied medical course and in 1982 the Board of Directors of the Integrated Educational Corporation of Iloilo toyed with the idea of opening a school of Dentistry which led to an application to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports (MECS).

The School of Dentistry is one of the major academic departments of the Iloilo Doctors’ College. It was established in June 1982 by the Integrated Educational Corporation of Iloilo (IECI) in answer to the need of a Dental School that can accommodate and train students from Western Visayas intending to pursue the Dentistry course.

The school opened its door to the first year enrollees in July 1982 composed of ten (10) students under the Deanship of Dr. Ramulfo L. Zapanta. On its fourth year of operation, it was granted official accreditation by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports to offer the four year Dentistry Course leading to the degree of Doctor of Dental Medicine, effective June 1985. At this instance all academic years I to IV was already in operation. The opening of a School of Dentistry in Iloilo City was made after consultation with the Iloilo Dental Society, a chapter of the Philippine Dental Association.

A unique feature of the School of Dentistry is the reciprocal relationship which exists with the Iloilo Doctors’ College of Medicine and the Iloilo Doctors’ Hospital with respect to instructions on the basic Medical Sciences and Hospital Dentistry.

Four years after its establishment, the school had its first batch of graduates in March 30, 1986 one of which garnered the 16th berth in the first top 20 examinees in the Licensure Examination in Dentistry. As a result of the passing percentage of the first batch of dental graduates, the Iloilo Doctors’ College School of Dentistry was ranked 6th nationwide among 17 dental schools in the country.

From this encouraging beginning the school kept its track record of successful examinees and was awarded twice by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports, Certificates of Recognition for Meritorious Performance in the National Board Examination in March 1989 and March 1993.

The other graduates continue their laudable performances in the Licensure Examination:
13th Place in December 1991
2nd Place in December 1996
8th Place in December 1997
19th Place in December 1998
1st Place in December 1999
9th Place in December 2001
15th Place in May 2002
10th Place in December 2007

The selective nature of the school’s requirements for admission to the Dentistry course limits the student population to one section in each Academic Year (I-IV). However, due to news of commendable performance of the graduates of the school, students from Mindanao and Western VIsayas now flock to enroll.

In the DECS ranking of Dental School based on a five-year performance in the Dental Board Examination from 1987 to 1991 the Iloilo Doctors’ College School of Dentistry was ranked 6th out of 22 Dental Schools in the Philippines.

Also in the Five-year evaluation Examination Results by the Board of Dentistry of the Professional Regulations Commission from 1983 to 1993 the IDC School of Dentistry obtained the 6th top berth.

Faculty development is pursued in our Continuing Education Program by sending the faculty to Seminar-Workshops, Conferences, and Conventions.

Every year additional advanced technological dental equipment is purchased to improve school facilities.

The School of Dentistry is now in its 26th year of operation still under the able and efficient Deanship of Dr. Ramulfo L. Zapanta.

Philosophy and Objective

The College of Dentistry subscribes to the same philosophy of Iloilo Doctors’ College where the highest ideals in all aspects of its educational endeavor shall be pursued through a balanced development of the development of the student who is fully prepared and equipped with the proper attitudes, moral values and adequate knowledge and skills in the Medical and Dental Sciences and Arts in the delivery of oral health care to his patient and to the community.


I. General

The department aims to provide education for both men and women to a suitable level of competence to meet the country’s present need and future demands for dental health care, either individually or as a member of a health team, in the delivery of total health care.

II. Specific

1. The acquisition of skills and competence to perform restorative and clinical treatment services required for general practice;
2. The adoption of a sense of professional ethics and conduct;
3. The acceptance of the dentist’s responsibility to the community in which he lives by providing leadership within it. This includes the capacity to define dental health problems, to educate the public on the dental health program and to be involved in volunteer work in the community;
4. He development of the ability and the desire to perform preventive dental services;
5. The attainment of he competency to organize and administer proper practice including the management o auxiliary personnel;
6. The acquisition of knowledge which will allow the dentist to appraise critically research findings and apply them in practice.(dental code)

Course Offered:
6 year – Doctor of Dental Medicine