College of Nursing



On February 13, 1972, a year after the Iloilo Doctors’ Hospital (IDH) became operational, the Board of Directors of the Iloilo Doctors’ Hospital Incorporation voted to organize a Nursing and Midwifery School upon the recommendation of Dr. Angel de Leon, Vice President of the corporation who had made a feasibility study on the project. In June 1972, the IDH School of Nursing and Midwifery was given a permit by the Bureau of Private Schools and started operation with 106 students with Dr. Angel de Leon as Administrator and Mrs. Margana M. Uy as Principal of the School of Nursing. The Nursing staff dormitory of the hospital was remodeled and served as the initial school building. A one-storey building was built adjacent to this school house which served as additional classroom and Nursing Arts Laboratory.

After a year of operation, the demands for additional funds prompted to Board of Directors of the Iloilo Doctors’ Hospital, Inc. to organize a sister corporation who will own and operate the new school. Hence, the Integrated Educational Corporation (Iloilo) was formed and approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission on February 9, 1973. With the fresh capital funds generated by the new corporation a 3-storey concrete building was built in 1973 and made ready to accommodate all the nursing students. In the first floor were the offices, lecture and audiovisual room. The whole second floor and the left wing of the third floor served as dormitory for nursing students, the right wing of the third floor was constructed for social hall and auditorium.

On March 15, 1975, the college graduated its first Nursing graduates numbering 49 who have passed the Board Examination the same year with 100% passing percentage. Succeeding 3 graduating classes made also 100% passing and in 1978, Nenita Po landed in Top 10. Other Topnotchers include Jose Joel Ladores (8th Place June 1991), May Gelia Dula (6th Place August 1993), Raul Demafiles (8th Place August 1993), Earl Agustinus Soriano (1st Place December 1993), Ginny Sto. Domingo (10th Place November 1994), Love Joy Grace Paltu-ob (7th Place June 1995), Ronald Susaya (1st Place December 1998(, Jesse Daclis (9th Place June 2005).

Succeeding Deans of the College of Nursing include Mrs. Renee Martirez (1979-1986); Mrs. Nanete G. De Leon (1986-1992); Dr. Fe Mercedes F. Pison (1992 to present).

Other achievements of the College of Nursing include the Professional Regulations Commission and Board of Nursing citations as 9th and 8th Placer Higher Education awarded the College of Nursing 10th Place in the 1000 and above examinees category on the years 1994-1998 Nursing Licensure examinations. It was awarded on July 19, 2001.

During the academic years 2004-2005, IDC has offered students of the College of Nursing and School of Midwifery new rooms in the Nursing Campus. A three-storey Nursing Building started its operation with 13 rooms which also houses the IDC OPD-Maternity Health Services Clinic located at the first floor. On the same year, a covered gymnasium was also built in the Nursing Campus which serves as venue for school and other activities.


We believe in the creation of a center for quality education and training in Nursing and related health services. Through the existence of excellent services, we shall be able to provide a productive force capable of delivering local health care services and expertise for global needs.

General Objectives

The College of Nursing aims to produce quality nursing graduates who are academically prepared, skillfully competent, research and community oriented and who integrate the Nursing and Iloilo Doctors’ College Core Values in the care of clients in various settings.

Specific Objectives

The College of Nursing aims to produce students who:
1. Utilize the nursing process in the care of clients;
2. Apply the research process in nursing practices;
3. Demonstrate critical, analytical and creative thinking
4. Use proper communication, observation and documentation skills;
5. Adhere to ethico-legal, moral and socio-civic responsibilities;
6. Uphold the nursing and IDC core values in the nursing practice;
7. Update self with current trends pertinent to the nursing profession;
8. Value the role of nurses in health development.

Course Offered:
4 year – Bachelor of Science in Nursing
1 year – Health Care Services