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General Admission Requirements



The policies, rules and regulations stated below are generally applicable to all colleges and academic departments of the ILOILO DOCTORS’ COLLEGE. The different academic departments has additional departmental specific handbook. Kindly procure such from your department.


Admission to the Iloilo Doctors’ College may be granted to those students who present valid credentials and who meet the admission requirements and other conditions prescribed by the college or academic department in which they seek enrollment. The COLLEGE reserves the right to deny admission to any student on grounds of academic, moral or behavioral considerations.

1. High School Graduates enrolling in college for the first time shall present, accomplish or submit the following:

a. Form 138-A, or its equivalent;

b. Certificate of good moral character and conduct duly signed by the Head or High School Principal of the school last attended;

c. Birth Certificate;

d. Two pcs. 2×2 size, recent colored pictures;

2. Transferring students shall conform to the requirements and conditions set by the college or academic department where they want to enroll and shall present the following:

a. Transfer credentials (Honorable Dismissal) from the school last attended;

b. Student’s copy of transcript of records, or its equivalent;

c. Birth Certificate;

d. Marriage Certificate (if applicable);

e. Certificate of good moral character and conduct signed by the Head or Dean of the school last attended;

f. Two pcs. 2×2 size, recent colored pictures.

3. Student who wish to transfer from one college or department to another within this college may submit a written request or petition during the enrolment period to the Dean or Head concerned for his approval and shall present the following:

a. Copy of grades;

b. Assessment of grades by the IDC Registrar;

c. Certificate of eligibility to transfer to other department (form available at OA);

d. Two pcs. 2×2 size, recent colored pictures .

4. Credentials submitted for enrollment become part of the school records and may not be withdrawn after registration. The COLLEGE reserves to itself the right to deny admission or to dismiss at any time any student who submits erroneous, and spurious false credentials. Such credentials cannot be withdrawn by the student.

5. Continuing Enrollment. Students previously enrolled in the college and desiring to continue their studies shall meet all the requirements for continuance of enrollment in the college or academic department concerned.

6. Cross-Enrollment. Cross-enrollment, also known as cross-registration or dual enrollment, in any subject in another school may be allowed to avoid delay in graduation or for some other equally serious reason. Request for such arrangement, approved by the Dean or Head of the college or department where the student is enrolled should be filed with the Registrar during the enrollment period.

7. Late Enrollment. No student will be considered officially enrolled after the enrollment period in the approved school calendar without the approval of the CHED. A late registration of P50.00 will be charged to the student who enrolls after the first day of classes every semester.

8. Enrollment of Foreign Students.
8.1 Foreign students or aliens desiring to study in the Philippine schools are covered by the following rules and regulation issued by the CHED.
a. No alien shall be enrolled in any school, college or university, public or private, without his valid Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) issued by the Commission on Immigration and Deportation to the Philippine-born alien or permanent resident; or Study Permit issued by the CHED to a temporary foreign visitor or non-immigrant alien.
b. A certified xerox copy of the alien student’s ACR or original Student Permit shall form part of his permanent records.
c. No alien shall be enrolled if he uses an alias or any name, not authorized by Philippine Laws, or his name appearing in his ACR or Study Permit does not correspond to that in his report card.
d. All temporary visitors such as members of dependents of the diplomatic corps, treaty traders, foreign government officials, foreign missionaries, etc. desiring to study in any educational institutional are required to secure first Study Permit from the CHED before they are allowed to enroll.

8.2 No credit earned shall be recognized by the CHED for any violation of the above regulations in the admission of alien or foreign students.

8.3 No student coming from a School in a foreign country shall be admitted without prior authority from the CHED.
9. Registration or Enrollment Procedure. Students shall register during the registration days specified in the College Calendar or by the college or academic department concerned. They are advised to secure the directions for the registration from the Offices of the Admissions or the Dean or Head of the academic department where they wish to enroll.

10. Adding, Changing and/or Dropping of Subjects. Adding, changing or dropping of subjects shall be done using the form provided within the first eight (8) days after the close of registration with the approval of the Dean or Head. Students who fail to drop or change the subject shall be charged for the subject and shall be given a grade of failure.

11. Withdrawal from a Subject or Course. A student who desires to withdraw later from a subject or course must notify the Dean or Head of the Department concerned and the Registrar, unless proper notification is duly made to said authorities, such withdrawal will not be considered official.