Guidance Services



Services Offered:

Individual Inventory –This service is designed to gather all reliable data, information and records, and
to assemble and compile these materials for their functional use. All data and
pertaining information that have been gathered from each student are entered in the
Cumulative Record.

Orientation – This service is made up of systematically designed activities to assist students in their
adjustment to college life.

Information – This service provides certain kinds of information not ordinarily provided through the instructional program during the regular period instruction. It gives a continues program on educational opportunities and important facts concerning personal and social adjustment. Such information is necessary to guide students in making intelligent vocational or educational choice or in undertaking personal and social adjustments.

Counseling – This services as the heart and center of the guidance services, is designed to help a student attain maximum self-realization and development in order to become a fully integrated mature and responsible person through individual or group session.

Referral – This service is provided to assists teachers with students having academic difficulties and personal problems.

Placement and Follow- Up – These services are designed to assist graduates seek gainful employment and maintain a data base for reference purposes. This includes announcement of job opportunities and referrals of employable undergraduate and graduate students.

Vocational and Career Guidance – These services are geared towards providing assistance to students by providing them with alternatives to make intelligent choices in their professional fields of endeavor.

Consultation – This service is designed to assist students as they deal with immediate problems and enhance their long-tem capabilities for problem—solving by seeking help from other professions as needed.

Classroom Guidance – A program of activities specifically designed to address the adjustment needs of students in the different year levels as they pursue their field of professional endeavor.

Scholarship and Financial Aid – These services aim to assist economically disadvantaged but deserving students.

Testing – This service uses standardized psychological test to be administered, scored and objectively interpreted to students for awareness and realization of their potentials and interest and other factors as defined in the following descriptions of psychological test available in the Center:

1. Personality Test – This test is designed to yield information about a person’s characteristics,
traits, behavior, attitude, opinions, and/or emotions.

2. Occupational Inventory – this test is designed to assist students in self-exploratory, vocational,
expectation, and career development.

3. Aptitude Test – This test is designed to predict future performance in an academic curriculum
area in a specialized vocational activity.

4. Intelligence Test – This test is designed to measure level of intelligence.

5. Achievement Test – This test is designed to measure a person’s previous learning in a specific
academic area. It also referred to as Test of Knowledge.

6. Stress Profile – The stress profile provides data in areas related to stress and health risk and is
based on the cognitive-transactional approach to stress and coping.

7. Diagnostic Test – An inventory for use of professionals who provide counseling services to
college students. It provides measures of psychological distress, relationship
conflict, low self-esteem and academic and career choice difficulties.

8. Work Values Scale – A tool which can be used to assess work values.