Office of Student Affairs


General Objectives:

To promote the holistic development of individuals, assist them in their adjustment t school life, and motivate them to pursue their goals into becoming competent and service-oriented professionals through varied and extensive programs in health, security, and welfare.

Specific Objectives:

1. to provide strong support for students through the planning and implementation

of recruitment, screening and admission of students in the programs most

suitable their intellectual and emotional capabilities where they can best reach

their full potential;

2. to implement programs to meet the multifarious needs of students in their

academic, career, social and psychological development;

3. to ensure physical and mental well-being of students through efficient delivery

of dental and medical services;

4. to inculcate in students positive values and attitudes towards their studies and

in the pursuit of their goals;

5. to provide conducive and safe environment for the students;

6. to maximize students’ potentials through leadership training, seminars and

Active community involvement;

7. to encourage alumni participation through strengthened linkages for the

continuous growth of the institution;

8. to assist in the growth and sustainability of the institution.

Vice President for Student Alumni Affairs and Sports Development:

Dr. Christine Joy A. Trespeces


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Insurance Claim Form
Incident Report Form
Hospital Certification Form
Student Handbook SY 2014-2015
Character Evaluation Form
Application for School ID
Student Organization Registration
Student Organization Program Activities
Student Activities Assessment Evaluation
Kiosk/Booth Form
Student Organization Program Activities Form
Student Organization Registration Form
Nomination Form
In Campus Activity Form
Request Permission for Field Trip Form